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MoDAT-GTX (system overview)

(by BS*Ware)

MoDAT-GTX is a Mobile Data Acquisition and Transmission System using GPRS, TCP/IP and XML for communication.

MoDAT-GTX consists of three modules:

  1. The MG/MU (Mobile Unit)
  2. The MG/SU (Server Unit)
  3. The MG/IU (Interface Unit)

Mobile Unit (MU)

The MU consists of

  • an embedded system (single-chip computer) with several interfaces
  • a GPS receiver (i.e. Garmin 35LP)
  • a GPRS mobile phone (i.e. Ericsson R520m, Motorola T260)

The MU is responsible for

  • Data collection (i.e. positioning data from GPS, digital inputs, data from serial equipment etc.)
  • providing a (simple) user interface (messaging, acknowledgements)
  • Data preprocessing and caching
  • (Communication with other mobile devices (Bluetooth, IrDA, Ethernet))
  • Communication with one (or more) Server Unit(s) (IP-Sockets)

Server Unit (SU)

The SU is responsible for

  • Communication with the MUs
  • Data handling (storage, logging)
  • Data validation and processing (i.e. map matching)

Interface Unit (IU)

The IU is responsible for providing the data to subsystems (customer applications). The data can be provided in different ways:
  • Online - Active: The IU pushes the data to subsystems using http and XML
  • Online - Passive: The data can be requested from the IU by subsystems using http and XML/HTML
  • Offline: The data is stored in files or databases, the subsystem accesses the data by reading the files / querying the database


  • At the moment MoDAT-GTX is a prototype system.
  • We have to thank Ericsson (Ericsson Austria AG) and ONE (Connect Austria GmbH) for the cooperation.
tel.: +43-(0)-664/43 24 243
fax.: +43-(0)-1/913 86 60